• Additional massage therapy training to boost skills
  • Communications training (how to talk to client, intake interviews, re-booking and retaining)
  • The skills to build treatment plans
  • Clinical and orthopedic techniques to further your skills in condition-specific work
  • Regular mentoring
  • Build a long-term book of clients

Monetary benefits:

  • Paid apprenticeship/training
  • Hourly increases based on retention
  • Fully paid ABMP membership/liability insurance, state license, and local permits (FT employment)
  • Vacation time
  • Paid Holidays including your birthday
  • Floating Holidays
  • Staff shirts provided
  • Regular reviews and raises
  • Continuing Education money
  • Free massages
  • All the tools, creams, linens, and cleaning solutions


Who should apply?

Students in their last 6 weeks of school, new graduates, and newly licensed MT’s. (Will also consider those who have been practicing for a time). Those who are still in school or have not yet received their license can still begin work with training and new skills acquisition, and transitioning to adding clients once they have received their Virginia license.

What is expected of me?

Therapist will have passion for the medical side of massage, collaborating with other medical professionals to provide the best care for clients.

How long is the apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship is 12-18months. Therapist is expected to begin with 15 hours a week during initial training. Once therapist has their Virginia License, they may choose to add additional hours. When licensure is reached, and therapist begins seeing clients, they are still expected to be in the office during all scheduled hours (paid), to work on additional training, help at the front desk, and work with other therapists.

What kind of environment is White HART?

We are a collaborative office, and work together, while getting paid, to create the best healing environment for our clients.

Didn’t I learn everything in massage school?

Your training has covered a wide variety of techniques and injuries. However, frequently the tools of the trade are not the tools to run a successful business. Not only will you work on rehabilitation, injury prevention, and pre/post surgical clients, you will also create treatment plans, and follow up with continued care which are all necessary skills to be successful in this industry.

What else is required of me?
Several times a year we hold client events, and staff appreciation events. We understand you have a life, but ask that you try to attend these events (paid of course) with ample notice.